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        ML Plum Blossom Coupling-Plum Blossom Elastic Coupling

        Author: Jiangsu Baoye Heavy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. date:2019-7-12 11:22:28

        Plum-shaped elastic coupling is suitable for connecting two coaxial transmission shafts. It has the performance of compensating the relative offset of the two axes, shock absorption and cushioning. The working temperature is - 35 ~80 C, and the nominal torque is 16~25 000 N M. Specific models: ML1、MLZ1、MLS1、ML2、MLZ2、MLS2、ML3、MLZ3、MLS3、 ML4、MLZ4、MLS4、ML5、MLZ5、MLS5、ML6、MLZ6、MLS6、ML7 MLZ7、MLS7、ML8、MLZ8、MLS8、ML9、MLZ9、MLS9、ML10、MLZ10、 MLS10、ML11、MLZ11、MLS11、ML12、MLZ12、MLS12、ML13、MLZ13、 MLS13