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        Baoye teaches you about elastic coupling

        Author: Jiangsu Baoye Heavy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. date:2019-8-1 10:01:47

         Elastic sleeve pin coupling is a kind of flexible coupling with non-metallic elastic elements. Its structure is similar to flange coupling, but the connection of two semi-coupling uses a pin with rubber or leather sleeve instead of bolts to realize the connection of two semi-coupling. Elastic sleeve pin coupling used to be the most widely used pump coupling in China. As early as the late 1950s, it has been formulated as the Ministry of Machinery standard. JB08-60 Elastic sleeve pin coupling is the first standard in China. In order to replace the pin sleeve without removing the machine, attention should be paid to the distance A in the design; in order to compensate for the axial displacement, attention should be paid to the clearance C in the installation.    

          LT (original TL type) elastic sleeve pin coupling has simple structure, easy manufacture, no lubrication, no need to bond with metal vulcanization, easy replacement of elastic sleeve, no need to move half coupling, and has a certain performance of compensating the relative offset of two axes and reducing vibration and cushioning. The elastic sleeve is compressed. Because the thickness of the elastic sleeve is thin, the volume is small and the elastic deformation is limited, the elastic column pin sleeve coupling can compensate the displacement and elasticity of the axis, but the allowable compensation for the displacement of the axis is small and the elasticity is weak. Elastic sleeve pin coupling relies on the locking force of pin group to produce friction moment on the contact surface, and compresses rubber elastic sleeve to transmit torque. It is suitable for high speed, good rigidity of mounting base, high accuracy of alignment, small impact load and low requirement for vibration reduction of medium and small power pumps.          报错